Get the SpermComet test, Partner Clinics

There are two ways to access the SpermComet test

1. Through a London laboratory


Fertility doctors and GPs: Referring your Patients to the laboratory

Step 1: It is important to complete a SpermComet Request Form

Step 2: Your patients can contact the laboratory to make an appointment  (these details are shown on the Request Form)

Step 3: The laboratory will send the samples  to Lewis Fertility in Belfast

Step 4: Test results will be sent directly to your practice from  Lewis Fertility within 7 days.


Couples: Arranging your SpermComet test through the London laboratory.

Steps to take:

1.You  MUST  get  a referral letter from your Fertility or Family Doctor

2. Make an  appointment with the laboratory (details on your referral letter)

3. The laboratory will send the samples to us in Belfast for the SpermComet test

4. Results will be with your Doctor  in 7 days.