Offer The SpermComet Test (Sperm DNA Fragmentation) by Sheena Lewis

Professor Sheena Lewis has been at the forefront of research in male fertility for the past 25 years. She has led the reproductive research team in Queens University Belfast since 1995. Their research has focused on the impact of lifestyle hazards on male fertility. Prof. Sheena Lewis is invited to speak at medical conferences on sperm DNA testing and its clinical role around the world The group has published over 80 full papers and numerous reviews and book chapters. The team continues to develop and spearhead further advances. The SpermComet™ tests are amongst the most sensitive and accurate male fertility predictors on the market. Lewis Fertility Testing Ltd is the only service in the world offering these tests.

Prof. Sheena Lewis is a past Chair of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology’s Andrology special interest group, the Chair of the British Andrology Society, member of the executive committee of the British Fertility Society and past Vice Chair of the Irish Fertility Society. She is regularly invited to speak on the clinical role of sperm DNA testing at medical and scientific conferences around the world. She has published numerous papers, invited reviews and chapters on the subject of male fertility.

Benefits to the Clinic

Although ~25% of patients are diagnosed with unexplained infertility, a study from our group shows that over half of these a detectable problem: high sperm DNA damage. Clinic success rates will rise if these couples are offered ART treatment tailored on proven predictive data for the male partner. This may involve going directly to IVF bypassing IUI, and in some cases bypassing IVF and going directly to conventional ICSI or ICSI with testicular sperm.

There is now robust information (see scientific evidence ) that all couples where the male partner has high sperm DNA damage are more successful with ICSI than IVF. Based on this test, you may decide that individual couples should have ICSI as a first treatment, rather than proceeding through IUI or IVF first.

These tests have the potential to expedite progress to the ART treatment most likely to succeed, thus improving clinic rates, reducing waiting times and increasing patient satisfaction.

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