What is Fertility – Male Infertility Test – IUI, IVF, ICSI

One in six couples has difficulty in starting a family and 40% of these problems are related to the man.

Until now, there have been few accurate ways of measuring a man’s fertility. Traditionally, the diagnosis of male infertility has relied on a semen analysis. This test provides the basic information on which fertility specialists need to make their initial diagnosis. However, their clinical value in assessing fertility or predicting success with fertility treatment is very limited, particularly if the semen analysis results are normal.

  • You need good quality sperm DNA to get pregnant.
  • You need good quality sperm DNA to have a healthy baby

Make sure you take the right test. The Comet Test  is most sensitive test available for sperm DNA testing.  It gives information no other test provides. It has been scrutinized by leading scientists around the world.

Why choose Lewis Fertility Testing?

Since 1995 we have been researching into male infertility have become one of the leading experts in this area. Now our group has pioneered a second generation test that can help couples like you.