The SpermComet Test, DNA Analysis of Male Infertility

Introducing the SpermComet

The SpermComet looks just like a ‘comet’ in the sky. Here the tail of the SpermComet™ is the damaged DNA.  We can look at your sperm individually and measure any damage. This gives you a much more detailed result than other tests.


Did you know:

About half (52.9%) of fresh IVF treatments in 2011 involved ICSI, a similar proportion to that seen in recent years (51.9% in 2010, 52.1% in 2009). Because ICSI involves the injection of a single sperm into an egg, it can be used in male factor infertility, for instance low sperm count, or low sperm motility. This is reflected in Figure 3, where the proportion of male factor infertility treated with ICSI is much greater than that by standard IVF. 

Find out how to get the most sensitive male infertility test available

What couples can be helped by a SpermCometTM test?

  • Couples diagnosed with unexplained fertility
  • Couples who have had unsuccessful fertility treatment
  • Couples with a history of spontaneous miscarriages
  • Men who have had an abnormal semen analysis
  • Men over 40 years of age
  • Men using recreational or certain prescription drugs
  • Men who have been treated for cancer